Budget-Friendly DIY Storage Ideas – Line your Drawers and Shelves.

One of the things I like about Home Decor DIY is the fact that the ideas and possibilities of making beautiful things are endless. Basically, your ideas are yours and they are priceless!! You get to do things the way you thought it up and make changes to your idea as you go. I also love ideas that will not break the bank! Who’s with me on that? 🙂

All this DIY loving talk brings me to Self Adhesive Shelf Liner, aka, Contact Paper. I love using this budget-friendly item because they are versatile and available in many modern prints and colors.They are made with vinyl and are very resilient.

Here are some reasons I like using contact paper:

  • They can be custom cut to fit your project surface because of the lined backing paper (this also helps you to cut straight lines to reduce wastage)
  • Easy to peel and stick
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Wipes clean- just wipe with soapy water cloth
  • Leaves no gooey residue after you remove from a surface
  • Very useful to protect your surfaces in style


Here is a list of the ways I have used contact paper in my home and some ideas you might benefit from:

  • Line drawers, shelves, tables and cabinets
  • Cut into small stripes to decorate clothes pin
  • Cover unused diaper and shoe boxes to use for storage
  • Cover small windows in the basement
  • Upcycle old flower vases, without the mess of painting
  • Cover text books and binders
  • Line and decorate memo boards
  • Decorate clip boards and picture frames
  • Cut out pieces for labels for my kitchen canisters
  • Use cut out to decorate an accent wall
  • They can also be used as wallpaper (I have not tried this yet)

I hope these ideas have inspired you to get moving and add some color and prints to your living space using contact paper. Please feel free to share how you have used contact paper in your home.

Happy DIYing!!!