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DIY Serving Tray Makeover

Do you know why I dream about going to the thrift store frequently? Actually I wish I could go everyday or maybe every other day. I feel like a kid in the candy store at the thrift store because my “DIY makeover” eyes open as soon as I get there. I’m always so eager to scan the shelves and furniture area of the store to find items that could be easily transformed into useful items, brought back to life with a simple coat of paint, new parts or a quick fix. I once bought a floor lamp without a lampshade and a dent in its base for $12.99. If I had just looked at the item as is I would not have bought it. However, I was able to see beyond that it’s current state. Yes I bought the lamp, wiped it down, fixed the dent on its base and bought a new lampshade from Walmart. Now the lamp looks like new and you would never have guessed that it was a thrift find.

Ok. Enough preaching. Let me get back on topic.

So on a lovely thrift shop day, I snatched a wide wooden tray from Savers. See photo below. Of course It was not love at first sight, but I was able to see beyond the present.

Here it is in its initial state, this poor thing :(.

I spray painted the tray gold and then added contact paper. Walmart is my go-to place for spray paint (it cost about $4 for a can) and you can buy contact paper at or at



2 comments on “DIY Serving Tray Makeover

  1. A beautiful transformation. 🙂


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