How to Make Removable Throw Pillow Covers

I recently published a post that referenced my old “one-design-for-all” throw pillows and what I did to transform them. Sewing pillow covers are so easy and do not require a lot of time. Anyone can do it! I decided to make the envelope style pillow covers because the zippered style intimidates me. Installing zippers is a no-go area for me. I’ve never even used my sewing machine zipper foot. But I’m sure I’ll sum up the courage to use it someday.

Check out a tutorial for sewing this pillow covers here by Melanie Ham.

So here are the before and after photos of my throw pillows:


Transformation in progress. 


As you can see I was very ambitious in completing this project. I bought various prints of home decor fabric and got to work. I wasn’t very particular about having perfect angles so I cut my fabric into 20 x 40-inch pieces. Basically, these pillow covers are one-piece covers. Nothing fancy!

So do you all have any “one-design-for-all” pillows that need to be brought back to life? Try this project now. You will be amazed to how much difference these can make to update your living space.

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How to Customize your Throw Pillows with a Sharpie

Any home décor enthusiast will tell you that throw pillows can easily add some pizzazz to your living space. It can add color and texture to a boring sofa. I personally love pillows and think they can be a playful addition to your home. A blank sofa without pillows is just blah! In my home, my kiddos don’t let my pillows rest. I’m constantly asking them to stop touching, throwing or stepping on my throw pillows. Yep!, somehow my pillows make it to the floor and then get stepped on. Mind you these pillows have come a long way. They are the boring generic pillows that are sold with sofa sets from your local furniture store. What I’ve done to bring life to them is to cover them with removable pillow covers. I bought some home decor fabric from Joann Fabrics and DIY-ed some 18” x 18” throw pillow covers to cover up my hideous one-design-for-all pillows. 

There’s nothing wrong with covering up your pillows with home décor fabric, but now you step things up a notch and customize your throw pillows. You can draw on plain fabric to make your pillows look exactly the way you envision.

Inspiration pillows from

As you can imagine, I had to try this great idea out the same day I saw the post on So when I the kiddos had gone to bed, I embark on this customized pillow journey. I used a light colored pillow cover I had and I decided to write a phrase rather than draw a pattern. I chose “HEY love” because it’s playful and flirty, hehe. I used a pencil, fine-point and regular point permanent markers. I initially drafted the phrase in pencil, traced it with the fine point and went over the letters with the regular point marker. The next thing I did was to make the polka dots with the bronze marker.

So here it is….




So there you have it! I hope I have inspired you to make your own custom throw pillows.

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Spring-Inspired Interior Decorating Ideas

Being an interior decor enthusiast is very exciting! At random times of the day, I find myself browsing page after page of beautiful interior decoration ideas. It has become a never-ending habit and I love every bit of time I spend just browsing through the ideas of others. Right now, I’m itching to visit my local thrift store to pick up some items to makeover. I’m hoping to find a small bench or cushioned chair for our master bedroom. I’ll share all the details of my search and DIY makeover soon (when I find one :)).

Today’s post is inspired by Decorating with Bright Colors on I was drawn in by all the bright and beautiful colors in this post that I just had to share.

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Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

As a home decor enthusiast I take every opportunity I have to get my hands on DIY projects that commemorate traditions throughout the year. With that said, I bring you some DIY Valentine’s Day decorations that are not too late to make.

  1. LIPSTICK ART – I love this pretty cool decor because it’s really east to make. You’ll need some cardstock, a picture frame and multiple shades of lipstick. Voila!

21 Amazing DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

2. YARN LOVE LETTERS: This idea is also pretty cool. You’ll need cardboard letters and several shades of pink yarn. Get to wrapping!

21 Amazing DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

3. DOUBLE LOVE: what better way to say love in two ways?

Make one of these DIY Valentine's Day decor items for a love-filled home

4. WICKER HEART: Spray paint an outdated piece and watch it come alive.

5. MODERN STRING HEART:  the colors of this piece really pops and makes my heart skip a beat. 🙂


6. LOVE ON THE LEDGE: All you need is 4 items to make this piece! Super easy!


7. RICH HEART: Deep red felt heart (I really really wanted to write “heart felt”)

DIY Valentine Heart Wreath (via theidearoom)

8. BIRCH HEARTS: these birch bark votives are so cool and unique.

9. DEEP LOVE: beautifully crafted “roses are red” wreath.

Creative Ideas - DIY Heart Shaped Paper Rose Valentine Wreath

10. ROSY HEART: This last decor is for a warm and fuzzy

Image result for unique diy valentines decorations

I had fun finding these lovely Valentine’s Day decorations. I have to say that my absolute favorite is the last one. Those perfect roses just warm my heart. 🙂

Which is your favorite?



How to make a “LOVE” Valentine’s Day Decor

Hello my lovely readers! 2017 is slowly but surely rolling by. Can you believe it is February already and Valentine’s day is right around the corner? Do you know what that means? It’s time for a Valentine’s day DIY project. Think L-O-V-E.

Yep. This simple Valentine’s Day LOVE sign is made with wooden letters, paint, glue and a piece of wood. Only 4 items!


I used a piece of wood about 1 inch thick and about 12 inches in length as the base of the sign. On the right is the stained piece I used. 
This is a draft of the final product.


Next, I painted the wooden letters. These were purchased at Walmart at $1.47 each. I know red/pink is the traditional color of Valentine’s Day, but I chose satin gray to keep it versatile and neutral.  I used several coats of paint on all side of the letters except for the bottom to leave a rough surface for better glue (E6000) adhesion to the base. 


Now the finished product. I am so excited about the turnout. Lovely! I want to make another one. Possibly HELLO!






Love is in the air on my staircase ledge.


So what do you guys think? I am very excited to share this DIY project and I look forward to hearing from you all 🙂







How to Cook Spicy Curry Chicken for Dinner Tonight

Ok, I’m back to talk about food again. Who else enjoys food that is creative? I get bored very easily with the same old same old. I like spice, I like spontaneity, I like variety, I like things that are different. It’s all about the little things, especially when it comes to food. I’m still trying to get my kiddos used to different tastes. They just want to eat the same things with the same taste. Whereas, one day I want curry, another day coconut, avocados, jalapeños, etc. So what usually happens is I cook food the way they would eat it and then add some extra stuff to my plate. Hubby is not a fan of spicy food either. Although he would eat anything I cook and then complain after he’s done eating it, and say things like “That was very spicy, I have heartburn. Me: rolls eyes and think to myself, “nobody asked you to eat it”. Hehe

The last time I cooked curry chicken, I cooked a small quantity and didn’t even bother offering it to the kiddos. It was soo good and I tried to make it last longer than it did but who am I fooling? It’ll still got eaten up within 24 hours.

Curious about how I made it? Keep reading…

I’m only sharing the ingredients, not the quantity of each because I’m Nigerian and Nigerians do not measure ingredients when cooking. Yep! No measuring cups, spoons, or forks 😜. We just eyeball quantities and throw the ingredients in the pot, then add more to balance taste.
I used curry powder, paprika, garlic salt, sundried tomatoes, sweet pepper, coconut oil, sriracha hot sauce and some Mrs. Dash original blend seasoning.

Browning the chicken in a drizzle of coconut oil.

At this point, I’ve added paprika and garlic salt.
I added sliced sweet peppers after the all the pieces of chicken had browned evenly.
At this point, I added one heaping table spoon of curry powder, water and all the other seasoning.
I added a little bit of white flour at the end of cooking to thicken up the sauce. Tomato paste was my first option but I ran out.


Cooking is done! Sauce served on wheat noodles.


I really enjoyed making this dish. I know there’s nothing new about curry chicken but this experience was fun because I made it on the whim. I craved a different taste and was able to throw ingredients together and it was good! Plus, I was able to make it super spicy as I liked knowing I would hear no complaints from my kiddos and hubby.

PS: I made it for myself. Eat at your own expense 😜.



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