How to Cook Spicy Curry Chicken for Dinner Tonight

Ok, I’m back to talk about food again. Who else enjoys food that is creative? I get bored very easily with the same old same old. I like spice, I like spontaneity, I like variety, I like things that are different. It’s all about the little things, especially when it comes to food. I’m still trying to get my kiddos used to different tastes. They just want to eat the same things with the same taste. Whereas, one day I want curry, another day coconut, avocados, jalapeños, etc. So what usually happens is I cook food the way they would eat it and then add some extra stuff to my plate. Hubby is not a fan of spicy food either. Although he would eat anything I cook and then complain after he’s done eating it, and say things like “That was very spicy, I have heartburn. Me: rolls eyes and think to myself, “nobody asked you to eat it”. Hehe

The last time I cooked curry chicken, I cooked a small quantity and didn’t even bother offering it to the kiddos. It was soo good and I tried to make it last longer than it did but who am I fooling? It’ll still got eaten up within 24 hours.

Curious about how I made it? Keep reading…

I’m only sharing the ingredients, not the quantity of each because I’m Nigerian and Nigerians do not measure ingredients when cooking. Yep! No measuring cups, spoons, or forks 😜. We just eyeball quantities and throw the ingredients in the pot, then add more to balance taste.
I used curry powder, paprika, garlic salt, sundried tomatoes, sweet pepper, coconut oil, sriracha hot sauce and some Mrs. Dash original blend seasoning.

Browning the chicken in a drizzle of coconut oil.

At this point, I’ve added paprika and garlic salt.
I added sliced sweet peppers after the all the pieces of chicken had browned evenly.
At this point, I added one heaping table spoon of curry powder, water and all the other seasoning.
I added a little bit of white flour at the end of cooking to thicken up the sauce. Tomato paste was my first option but I ran out.


Cooking is done! Sauce served on wheat noodles.


I really enjoyed making this dish. I know there’s nothing new about curry chicken but this experience was fun because I made it on the whim. I craved a different taste and was able to throw ingredients together and it was good! Plus, I was able to make it super spicy as I liked knowing I would hear no complaints from my kiddos and hubby.

PS: I made it for myself. Eat at your own expense 😜.



Disclaimer: Please be advised that the ideas presented on my blog are 100% mine. All the photos and images displayed on this blog are not to be copied or reproduced without permissions.




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