25 Ways to Relax at the end of a Stressful Day.

Being mom is not an easy title. Moms are also known as cook, cleaner, maid, comforter, cuddler, educator, mentor, home nurse, advisor, CEO of the home, grocery and everything shopper, appointment scheduler, laundry attendant, hustler (hurry up, eat quickly,…), meal planner, driver, negotiator, toddler language translator, costume maker, lunch packer, and so much more.

Hats off to all you wonderful moms out there trying to do and be your best for your families. However, we need to take time out to treat and pamper yourself. Weekday evenings are the most draining for me because there’s always something to do. Get home from work, make dinner, get the kids to bed, clear the sink of dirty dishes, pack lunch for the next day and then try to relax for about an hour before going to bed. Without further ado, I  share with you the list of things I try to do to relax before hitting the sack.

1) Paint your finger and toenails.

2) Attend an evening dance class, i.e Zumba.

3) Make a craft

4) Take a warm shower

5) Soak in a tub with a bath bomb

6) Rearrange a room in your house

7) Reorganize your closet

8) Listen to soft music

9) View old photographs

10) Write in a journal

11) Make a to-do list

12) Cuddle with your spouse

13) Do a full body stretch exercise

14) Get a body massage

15) Draw/paint a canvas

16) Play a game with your family

17) Read a book or complete a coloring book activity

18) Listen to a podcast of your favorite speaker

19) Finish a project that you’ve had your mind on for a while

20) De-clutter a room

21) Make a list of things you are thankful for

22) Watch the beautiful night sky

23) Search for a new lunch/dinner recipes

24) Get crafty/do a makeover

25) _____________________________ (Help! I need one more.  Leave a comment)



I hope my list has helped you narrow down the possible activities to try tonight.

YES, why not start tonight?

Adios amigos.












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Hi, Hello, Hey there! It's Abi, the author of lovingthesimplethings.com. I am a mother of three and wife of one. I fancy myself in creating, photography and abstract painting. I am an introverted extrovert and love spending time with my boys, all four of them. I started Lovingthesimplethings blog as a platform to share my ideas and creativity. I am definitely a creative do-er, with all kinds of ideas running through my mind at any given time. If you love DIY, home décor, food, and healthy lifestyle tips, you’ll feel right at home here. Welcome!

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