15 Things To Do Instead of Watching TV or Spending time on Social Media

  1. Listen to motivational speeches/inspirational songs

  2. Learn a new skill or language

  3. Join a fitness class/go to the gym

  4. Get much-needed sleep

  5. Cook/Try a new recipe

  6. Start a journal or blog

  7. Make tutorial videos

  8. Go for a Walk

  9. Volunteer at an animal shelter or hospital

  10. Organize your pantry or mudroom

  11. Start a Home DIY Project

  12. Play with your kids

  13. Read a book

  14. Listen to a podcast or audiobook

  15. Start writing a book

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Hi, Hello, Hey there! It's Abi, the author of lovingthesimplethings.com. I am a mother of three and wife of one. I fancy myself in creating, photography and abstract painting. I am an introverted extrovert and love spending time with my boys, all four of them. I started Lovingthesimplethings blog as a platform to share my ideas and creativity. I am definitely a creative do-er, with all kinds of ideas running through my mind at any given time. If you love DIY, home décor, food, and healthy lifestyle tips, you’ll feel right at home here. Welcome!

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