Reasons We Never Accomplish Our Goals

Have you ever heard a preacher say, “I’m preaching what I need?” If you watch or listen to Joyce Meyer, I’m sure you’ve heard her say the phrase, “I’m preaching to you and also myself.” So guess what, I’m preaching to you and myself in this post.

I’ve been thinking about my goals lately and thought about why I’ve not been able to work towards them full force. For this reason, I considered the thought, “what’s keeping me, what’s keeping us, from accomplishing our goals. I ended up stumbling upon Les Brown’s Find Yourself motivational speech. Here are the reasons he listed:

[1] Fear of failure

[2] Fear of success

[3] Being comfortable

[4] Not feeling worthy

[5] Blaming other/complaining


Can you relate to any particular reason on this list?


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Hi, Hello, Hey there! It's Abi, the author of I am a mother of three and wife of one. I fancy myself in creating, photography and abstract painting. I am an introverted extrovert and love spending time with my boys, all four of them. I started Lovingthesimplethings blog as a platform to share my ideas and creativity. I am definitely a creative do-er, with all kinds of ideas running through my mind at any given time. If you love DIY, home décor, food, and healthy lifestyle tips, you’ll feel right at home here. Welcome!

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