When it’s time for the Christmas Tree to go!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

I️ enjoyed Christmas very much with my family. It’s always a great time to spend with loved ones. However, Christmas (2017) is behind us and I’m ready to put my tree away. You wonder, why so quickly? Well, I’m ready to redecorate and put something else in the space the tree is currently occupying.

Thanks to the kiddos. You can spot their special touch at the bottom of the tree with the extra ornaments.

I initially had a upcycled accent chair in this space before we put up the Christmas tree.

So now, I’m thinking about placing a book shelf in this space. I️ did a quick search on Target.com and found this lovely Casual Home Foldable Bookshelf, and the cost is not bad at $32.99. If you prefer a wire option that you can use to store things in your garage, use this one.

I️ really like that this bookshelf is foldable. That way I️ can change it out for something else when I️ get tired of it without having to take it down to pieces. Yippee!!!

So back to the question, When do you take down your Christmas tree? And what do you think about the bookshelf?


2 thoughts on “When it’s time for the Christmas Tree to go!

  1. carmen says:

    Hi Abi! I’m never in a hurry to take down our Christmas tree. One year I left our tree up all year long! Last Christmas we left it up till the end of February. I took off the Christmas decorations in January and decorated it with pinecones and snowflakes (check the link below). Then in February, I decorated it with hearts. ❤️ Mind you, we do not have a huge tree like yours.

    The folding bookshelf is a practical idea, perfect for changing your decor (which I have fun doing too).




    • lovingthesimplethings says:

      Thanks for stopping by Carmen. I enjoyed reading your comment. I like your idea of leaving the Christmas tree up and decorating it with hearts in February. Brilliant idea! I might try that in the future.


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