Need some extra cash? Start any of these 40 side hustles today!

  1. Start a home daycare (if you’re a SAHM or thinking about being a SAHM)

  2. Babysit children on the weekends (this idea is easier if you have only 1 or 2 kids of your own)

  3. Sell unwanted Items on eBay or craigslist

  4. Start a blog

  5. Become a tutor

  6. Work for an after-school program

  7. Help pick up young neighborhood kids from school

  8. Start an after-school program at your house

  9. Have a special baked good recipe? Start a catering business.

  10. . Have a sewing machine? Make simple alterations or make pillow covers to sell on Etsy.

  11. Start a dog-walking business

  12. Adult sitting or care, especially at night.

  13. Provide cleaning services to your neighbors/community

  14. Drive for Uber or Lyft

  15. Become a House-sitter

  16. Get into Fast food delivery

  17. Become a photographer for a beginning fashion/style bloggers

  18. Become a Travel Agent

  19. Work for Amazon. Become a delivery agent

  20. Become a one-on-one sports coach or personal trainer

  21. Be a Flea Market Coordinator

  22. Become a personal shopper (the elderly would appreciate this)

  23. Sell handmade items on Etsy

  24. Proofread academic papers/college application essays/resumes/cover letters

  25. Resell items on eBay or craigslist

  26. Cut grass/groom bushes

  27. Sell fruits/vegetable from your garden

  28. Publish e-books

  29. Start a DIY blog

  30. Teach an online course

  31. Help a small business with bookkeeping

  32. Rent out your basement to a tenant

  33. Rent your name brand handbags to other fashionistas for a fee

  34. Make crafts to sell at craft shows or online

  35. Become a part-time job recruiter – help your friends find and apply for jobs for a fee

  36. Become a Social Media Manager for a small business

  37. Refurbish used furniture to sell on consigment to boutiques

  38. Help people organize their homes or offices

  39. Become a face painter at kid’s parties

  40. Sell your photos or art prints online


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Hi, Hello, Hey there! It's Abi, the author of I am a mother of three and wife of one. I fancy myself in creating, photography and abstract painting. I am an introverted extrovert and love spending time with my boys, all four of them. I started Lovingthesimplethings blog as a platform to share my ideas and creativity. I am definitely a creative do-er, with all kinds of ideas running through my mind at any given time. If you love DIY, home décor, food, and healthy lifestyle tips, you’ll feel right at home here. Welcome!

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