How to Add Geometry to your Home Decor

Fall is here and it’s time for a little redecorating! A change in seasons is a great time to make changes in our lives and in our homes. To get started, why don’t you draw inspiration from a popular trend sweeping both weddings and interior design?

Geometric decor is a contemporary design style filled with lots of fun shapes and bold lines. It can easily blend into a minimally-styled dwelling or stand out in a boho chic abode. For example, you can throw in large area rug with a sharp geometric patterns as a subtle statement piece in an all-white room or a vibrant addition to a lively color scheme. If you don’t have the room to add in a lot of new furniture, you can simply replace some of your old furniture with some new and modern ones. You can easily replace your pillowcase covers and place your plants in new geometric-styled planters.

However, don’t be fooled! Geometric style doesn’t just stop at patterns. You can also find funky pieces in fun and interesting shapes to freshen up any room in your house. Industrial lamp shades, hexagon shelves and diamond-shaped mirrors are a few pieces of furniture you can swap in to refresh off-season furnishings.

Proflowers has a beautiful visual guide to help guide you through the geometric decor trend for your home. They have ideas ranging from your wall design to your furniture textures. Take a look at all of their ideas to see what ideas you can incorporate into the rooms in your home.

Click on the images below to explore geometric home decor ideas

home geometric decor ideas

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