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Farmhouse “Faith” Wall Decor | DIY

I started by filling the holes in the middle MDF board and glued all three pieces together with E6000 glue.

Painting and parts for Framhouse Faith project
Then I painted the MDF boards white with multi-surface craft paint. Wonder what the screws are for? stay tuned!

All parts painted with two coats of paint. The acrylic white paint was purchased from Walmart and can be found at any craft store. The copper paint is named “new penny” and was purchased from Target. I bought the MDF letters from Walmart also about a year ago, and just never got to use them until now.

Here, I arranged the letters on the MDF board plaque before using the E6000 glue to them down.

So I mentioned above that the wood used for this project is scrap MDF boards. They are actually from an old twin bed. I used the screws to cover up the holes on the side and it turned out to be my FAVORITE part of this wall plaque. It adds character to it. 🙂

All complete and beautifully adorning my wall.

I think it took about a week to complete this project. I worked on it whenever I had some free time (busy mom struggle). However, it could easily take a few hours  to complete if not for the wait time to allow the glue and paint to dry.

What do you guys think? Would you make this decor plaque?


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