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DIY Door Mirror Update for $13!

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Hello everyone!!! It has been a while and today I’m going to share a DIY door mirror makeover. I’m sure you know about those simple budget-friendly mirrors that you can get from Walmart or Target.

I actually bought my mirror from Lowes, but it’s not available online, so here is a photo from Target.

So, how did I bring new life to this cheap and simple mirror? Read on……….

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The materials I used for this DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER are as follows.

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 1: Spray paint mirror frame

I wanted the mirror, which had a white frame, to match stained trim. So I used several coats of the spray paint (FYI – I only painted the frame of the mirror. I covered the surface of the mirror with some old store circular/newspaper and some masking tape to hold things down)

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 2: Cut the wood trim

I really did not want a wide frame around the mirror because it was to be placed in my entry way. I was so happy I found this really cool trim at Lowes. I cut the trim with a miter box to match the dimensions of the mirror.

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 3: Stain the wood trim

I stained the wood trim using one coat of this shade of Mixwax stain. I used a old brush and several old/torn socks to apply the stain and wipe any excess as I went along. Make sure you have disposable gloves on for this step. I have used wood stain several times without gloves, and it can get sticky and gooey on your hands and hard to wash off.

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 4: Glue the stained wood trim to the mirror frame

In this step, I applied glue all around the frame. Then carefully placed the stained wood trim pieces on the frame sides. I placed items on the trim as weights to help the <a href=”http:// ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>E600 glue adhere better. I let it dry for over 24 hours and my mirror was ready for hanging.



The thing that sucks most about these simple mirrors is that they are REALLY simple. They come as plain as can be, without wall hooks, door hanger or anything that will help you hang it on a door! So to resolve this issue, I simple used 8 strips of 3M wall hanging strips. These things are a life saver! Could be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth with.

Other details:

Q: How long did it take to complete this project?

A: You can complete this DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER in about a few days (for spray paint, stain and glue to dry)

Q: How much did it cost you to complete this project?

A: I had most of the materials on hand, expect for the wood trim, which was $2.99 per 6′ cut, and I used 2 for a total of $6.36 (tax incl.)

Q: What is the level of difficulty for this project?

A: Easy – medium. It could be tasking for someone who is not used to using a miter box or have never used wood stain before. Always do your research to find out how to use or do things on Youtube. Yes, YouTube is a really good resource, especially when you’re not sure of what your doing.

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5 Simple and Modern Ways to Decorate Your Mantel this Christmas

A mantel is a living room makes decorating easy and versatile. You can place picture frames, candles, candle stands, vases, mirrors and other cool decor items on it. And Christmas decor items is no exception!

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Here are some really simple and modern ways to make your mantel a focal point during this Christmas season.

Rose Gold Christmas Mantel

Simple and Elegant Christmas Mantel Decorations by Angela Flournoy of boutique la bohème
From: The Home Depot Blog


Gold Shatter-proof ornaments

24 Inch tree with clear lights

Rustic easel chalkboard with shelf

Rose gold ornaments

Pedestal Planter/Flower Pots

I’m Dreaming of a White Chrismas Mantel Decor

christmas mantel decorations cozy
From: Country Living


Glittery Pine Wreath with cones

Pinecone garland with clear lights

White Christmas stockings 

Snowy Branches

Rustic Joy Mantel

Image result for simple christmas mantel decorations
From: DIY Network


Rustic Brown Wood Crate

JOY Decor 

Burlap Christmas Stocking

White Votive candles

White Birch Logs


Green, Silver and White Wonder Mantel 

Image result for simple christmas mantel decorations
From: Unknown


Silver candle Holder

Green Ornaments

Silver Ornaments

Large Pedestal Glass vase

Mercury Flower Vase

Fresh Pine Garland

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