Unique Must-Have Decorative Accent Furniture Pieces

I have been gushing over decorative accent furniture and chest for a while now and it’s just destiny that I have to write and share this post. They are so pleasing to the eye and their intricate details make them impossible to ignore. These chest are luxurious and will easily be a focal point in a living or family room or dining area or a cozy bedroom.

Click on any of the images below for more information.

Gramercy White and Champagne 2-Door Accent Chest


Champagne Gold Overlays Painted White Mirrored 2-Door Chest

Nemeth Large Cappuccino Foam and Silver Leaf 3-Drawer Chest

Butler Velinda Green Raffia 3-Drawer Console Chest

Zoey Elsinore Champagne 2-Door Accent Cabinet


Walden Glossy Teal 2-Door Accent Cabinet

Millennium Mirror 2-Door Directional Point Accent Cabinet


Mansfield Black and Mirrored 2-Door Accent Media Cabinet

Painted Blush 2-Door Wood Accent Chest

Ella High Gloss White Lacquer w/ Brushed Gold 3-Drawer Chest


Charly Natural Whitewash 3-Drawer Lattice Accent Chest

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Elizabeth Silver Mirrored 4-Door Buffet Cabinet

Charly Natural Whitewash 3-Door Lattice Accent Cabinet


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