How to Frame a Large Canvas

Happy Friday, my happy readers! Today I am going to share the how-to for a DIY large FRAMED canvas.

I have been wanting to complete this project for a while and I’m happy it’s finally done!


Original DIY painting above headboard

DIY Framed Large Canvas

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Let me give you a little background of this 38 x 30 inches canvas. It’s has been through so many transformations.

It started as a DIY abstract painting for our master bedroom some years ago. Then, I painted over it with white acrylic paint, leaving a large heart in the middle (I used painter’s tape to draw a heart in the middle before I painted over the whole canvas). Next, I added a Bible verse text for a personalized effect, still with the heart in the background. Lastly, I have attached a stained-wood frame around it. See the journey video here.

Framing this canvas was very easy and cost me about $12 dollars. I picked up the materials at my local hardware store – Home Depot. I used 12 foot of 1 & 1/8 width flat wood trim (without ridges), 1 inch brad nails, a clamp (optional, if you a steady extra hand to help you) and a hammer.

What are brad nails, right? They’re mails that flush with a surface for a clean, finished look. Check it out here!

How to Frame a Large Canvas

1) Stain wood trim. If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I use this wood stain a lot! I used an old sock as usual to apply the stain and let it dry for over 24 hours.

2) Cut the wood trim. I cut the wood trim to fit the exact length of the top and bottom of the canvas. I used a miter saw and box that I have attached to an old night stand table in my garage.

3) Attach the top and bottom trim to canvas. I did not cut the trim to match the sides of the canvas to begin with because I would need the sides to overlap the cover the ends of the top and bottom trim. I have tried sveral times to cut out the pieces using the canvas measurement plus trim, I seem to always come up short, so I wait to do two sides first and then place leftover trim pieces on the side and use a pencil to mark where I should cut.

4) Measure and Cut Side Pieces. Place a leftover strip of trim over one side to measure the exact length you would need, and mark the spot to cut with a pencil. Repeat this step to cut an additonal equal length trim for the other side of canvas.

5) Attach the side trims to canvas. I used 3 brad nails on each side. I used one close to the edges and one in the middle of all four side. And you can hardly see them because they flush with the surface for a clean, professional look. Brad nails are also called finishing nails.

Want more pictures? Enjoy this bonus slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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