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5 Simple Ways to Decorate your Mantel for Spring and Easter


Beautiful Mantel Ideas Easter Decorating Mantel Ideas Easter Decorating Round Up Hometalk

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Round Mirror  Candle Holder   Round Accent   Boxwood


How to Decorate your Mantel for Spring
Image from The Turquoise Home

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Floral Pillow   Throw Blanket   Wicker chair  Metal Planter


Image result for how to decorate your mantel for spring
Image from Rambling Renovators

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Mosaic Pillow  Blue Vase  Boxwood Plant  Bronze Lantern

Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas Decorating Mantel Ideas Mantel Decorating Ideas Spring Mantel Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas Mantel Decorating Ideas Summer Fireplace Tools Names

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Bronze Birds  White Roses Boxwood Topiary  Woodburst


spring decor
Image from  A Place of My Interest

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Wood Vase  Textured Box 2-toned Baskets  Tenerife Mirror

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DIY “He is Risen” Easter Sign

Hey you guys! Hope you all have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a restful weekend.

Easter is around the corner and hence, I bring you this Easter decor post. This project was free-hand. I did not use a template or stencil. It was 100% hand-written. I usually use the paper print transfer method that I used here, but I wanted to try something different this time.

This sign was written on a thrifted kitchen faux wood wall art. I painted over it with Annie Sloan white chalk paint. I forgot to take before photos because I painted it on the day after I bought, with that exact plan in mind. I guess I could not wait to cover up the outdated original art. I have held on to it for over a month since I painted it and now I finally decided on what to do with it.

I used a pencil to draft the words I wanted on the frame, and then traced over it with sharpie markers. It was really easy! Take a look! I draw the words on as light as possible to make erasing and re-writing easy.

The drafrting process

Adding caligraphy effects to “Risen” and adding leaves on long twigs.

Adding the last detail – the swirl on the R


 The finished product. Love, love, love it!

He is risen wall sign decor

I had so much fun making this sign and love how it turned out!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Rustic DIY Lazy Susan Tabletop Tray

Hello, my readers! I have been starting and finishing up many DIY projects in the last two weeks and now it’s time to share.

The first project I am going to share is this beautiful rustic farmhouse lazy susan tray. This project is super easy and not costly. I bought the round unfinished wood lazy susan probably four years ago and never had the time to do something with it. I initially bought it to use make string art, but it just never happened.

In comes this beautiful tray-style lazy susan that is very popular on Pinterest and Etsy.

This project only required ONLY two steps! I also spent less that $15 altogether.

Step 1: Stain the unfinished wood. (I used the Minwax Red Oak Stain)

See the photos below for the wood staining process with an old sock. Feel free to use a foam or bristle brush,  or an old cotton shirt. I applied only one coat of stain and no varnish, because I wanted to create a rustic look.


Step 2: Attach handles.

The rustic handles I used were purchased from a craft store. The brand is jillibean Mix the Media handles. See the slide show below for a photo of the handles.

Attaching the handles could be really tricky. This type that I was used was attached by drilling pilot holes through the wood. I then matched up the holes to the holes on the underside of the handle. I measured the distance between the holes on the handles before I drilled and it still did not match up when it was time to insert the screws. I had to drill a third hole on both sides to make it work. I used a wood filler to fill the original holes that didn’t work.  It might be easier to use the handles that you screw on from the top of the tray, not the bottom, like this.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Want a similar lazy susan tray, but have no time to DIY it? Check out a few options below.

Uttermost Acela Natural Wood and Metal Round Tray

Decorative Wood Trays with Metal Handles (S-2 21Newell Round Wooden Accent Tray


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