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DIY “He is Risen” Easter Sign

Hey you guys! Hope you all have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a restful weekend.

Easter is around the corner and hence, I bring you this Easter decor post. This project was free-hand. I did not use a template or stencil. It was 100% hand-written. I usually use the paper print transfer method that I used here, but I wanted to try something different this time.

This sign was written on a thrifted kitchen faux wood wall art. I painted over it with Annie Sloan white chalk paint. I forgot to take before photos because I painted it on the day after I bought, with that exact plan in mind. I guess I could not wait to cover up the outdated original art. I have held on to it for over a month since I painted it and now I finally decided on what to do with it.

I used a pencil to draft the words I wanted on the frame, and then traced over it with sharpie markers. It was really easy! Take a look! I draw the words on as light as possible to make erasing and re-writing easy.

The drafrting process

Adding caligraphy effects to “Risen” and adding leaves on long twigs.

Adding the last detail – the swirl on the R


 The finished product. Love, love, love it!

He is risen wall sign decor

I had so much fun making this sign and love how it turned out!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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