7 Refreshing Ways to Decorate with Succulents

Do you have a black thumb, but love indoor plants?

Try succulents!

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Succulents are very versatile and easy to decorate with. They range in sizes and are super easy to care for. They can be used in any room or corner of your space because they do not require a lot of light to thrive.

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As you start thinking and dreaming about your monthly succulent deliveries, see below for some ways you can decorate with succulents.

#1 As Kitchen Table Accents

Succulent Decorating Ideas

Photo via Apartment Therapy

These succulent tea cups are so chic and can be easily DIY’ed using some old tea cups and saucers you may have in your kitchen cupboards. Don’t have any tea cups and saucers on hand? Head to your closest thrift store to pick some up and spray paint them if necessary.

Click here or on the image for more information on these planters.image 3

#2: On Your Bedroom Dresser

Succulent Decorating Ideas

Photo via Home My Design

Don’t stop at one succulent! A combination of succulents bring dimension to the end of this dresser and the color contrast of the white vases are a match made in heaven.

#3: In Terrariums

Succulent Decorating Ideas

Photo via Oh Lovely Day

image 0

This terrarium is absolutely beautiful and will beautify any space it’s placed in. The layers of earthy colors and shapes as revealed by this glass vase is captivating and provides a perfect environment for a succulent to thrive. So thoughtfully arranged!

#4: Use as Wall Decor

image 0

Photo via Burnpile Design (Etsy)

Have a blank wall that needs some love? Hang up a group of succulents on a wall shelf and you have yourself a greenery wall art.

image 0

#5: Use in the Bathroom

Photo via Awesome Home

Why leave the bathroom out? Group together some succulents and give your bathroom some much needed green love too!

#7: On your Kitchen Window Ledge

This undated photo provided by Meredith shows succulents in a kitchen window planter. Typically a good place for plants, a kitchen offers easy access to water and higher humidity than other rooms. Here, light-loving sedums are tucked into a custom granite well.

Photo via Nothwest Herald

This looks like a built-in pocket for these succulents, but your traditional window ledge is great for succulent plant pots as well. Beautify your kitchen by placing a variety of succulents across the ledge.

Still not sure if you can keep a living succulent happy? Try some faux options like this succulent garden or these smaller options from here.

Product ImageProduct Image

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One thought on “7 Refreshing Ways to Decorate with Succulents

  1. bukolaorry says:

    I’ve grown a deep passion for indoor plants lately. And I love succulent plants. They are easy to grow. I bought some for my kitchen and I will be getting more for my rooms. Thanks for also sharing the Diy decor ideas. Lovely post.😍❤🌵


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