Worrying won’t Change the Outcome

“Worrying won’t change the outcome of a situation” Bernadette (Big Bang Theory)


So, what should you do?

Stop worrying, right? Yes. That’s the easy answer.

Our first response should always to PRAY. Worrying about a situation that’s heavy on my mind makes me anxious. When I pray, I feel the burden lift off my shoulders. The feeling in words are “I’ve given it to God, and I have faith he’ll take care of it. Now it’s off my plate.” When the worrying thoughts return, I simply remind myself that I’ve given it to God and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. This helps to stop anxiety from setting in.

Try it. When a worrying thought comes, especially about something you can’t control, pray about it. Give it to God. When it returns, don’t dwell on it. Just let it pass and remind yourself that it’s not yours to worry about.


Image result for philippians 4 6-7


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