7 Cool DIY Ways to Use Contact Paper

https://youtu.be/BRmI111cUEA Contact paper is very versatile because it works on literally any surface that is hard and non-porous. Talk about covering your countertops, home appliances and wood furniture! The possibilities are endless! 7 Cool DIY Ways to Use Contact Paper around your Home! This post contains affiliate links. Please see blog policies for more information. … Continue reading 7 Cool DIY Ways to Use Contact Paper

How to Decorate with Trays

Have you ever thought about decorating with trays? They are super versatile! You can easily use them to organize decorative accents, making them more visually appealing. Trays look great on any and many surfaces! Coffee table, shelf, kitchen island/countertops, dressers, dinning table and so much more! When you place decorative items on a patterned or … Continue reading How to Decorate with Trays