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How to Decorate with Trays

Have you ever thought about decorating with trays? They are super versatile! You can easily use them to organize decorative accents, making them more visually appealing.

Trays look great on any and many surfaces! Coffee table, shelf, kitchen island/countertops, dressers, dinning table and so much more!

When you place decorative items on a patterned or plain surface, it loses its visual appeal, compare to when a flat item like a tray is used to separate the item from the surface. Using a tray gives the opportunity to view the items separately from any other distracting patterns that might be in the same area.

There are three ways I use trays around the house – in the foyer (see pic. below), in the kitchen (to hold the sugar, salt and tea canisters) and in the bathroom (to hold apothecary jars and perfume).

Take a look at some really cool trays you might consider using around your home!

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Newell Serving Tray



Snyder Vanity Tray


Farmhouse Style

Beatty Serving Tray
Patrina Wash Wavy Wood Accent Tray

Bold and Colorful

Sevanna 2 Piece Serving Tray Set
Hepner Coffee Table Tray
Algernon Lacquered Mother of Pearl Inlay Tray
Hepner Decorative Accent Tray

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