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7 Cool DIY Ways to Use Contact Paper

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Avignon 10" x 10" Vinyl Peel & Stick Mosaic Tile

Contact paper is very versatile because it works on literally any surface that is hard and non-porous. Talk about covering your countertops, home appliances and wood furniture! The possibilities are endless!

7 Cool DIY Ways to Use Contact Paper around your Home!

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Do you have some leftover contact paper? Try a few of these ideas!

Wish you had some contact paper? See below for some options:

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Rumsey Striped Hexagon 16.5' L x 20.5" W Geometric Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll

7 Cool DIY Ways to Use Contact paper around your Home!

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Con-Tact 18" x 20' Creative Covering Multipurpose Marble Shelf Liner White - image 3 of 3
Carrara 11" x 11" PVC Peel & Stick Mosaic Tile

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