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5 Simple Ways to Style your Mantel + Accessories

Looking for easy Easter and Spring mantel deocr ideas? check out this post for very simple easter and Spring Mantel decorating ideas.

Beautiful Mantel Ideas Easter Decorating Mantel Ideas Easter Decorating Round Up Hometalk

Shop this look:

Round Mirror  Candle Holder   Round Accent   Boxwood

Shop this look:

Floral Pillow   Throw Blanket   Wicker chair  Metal Planter

Shop this look:

Mosaic Pillow  Blue Vase  Boxwood Plant  Bronze Lantern

Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas Decorating Mantel Ideas Mantel Decorating Ideas Spring Mantel Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas Mantel Decorating Ideas Summer Fireplace Tools Names

Shop this look:

Bronze Birds  White Roses Boxwood Topiary  Woodburst

spring decor
Image from  A Place of My Interest

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1 comment on “5 Simple Ways to Style your Mantel + Accessories

  1. jenmckeithen

    The boho chic is my absolute favorite mantle. It has my heart!


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