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My Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

#1: Start at the top: You should always clean a room from top to bottom to reduce doing double work. Imagine vacuuming a room before dusting the furniture? You will create more work for yourself eventually.

#2: Vacuum off dust on blinds and window treatments: Try to minimize the spreading of dust as much as possible. Dust does not settle right away. If you shake dust off from your blinds, it will only get around and prolong your cleaning time.

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#3: Never use a dirty cloth: It’s very easy to get carried away with using one rag or towel when cleaning. There’s no point cleaning with a dirty cloth. Always have spare cloths handy and change the water in your cleaning bucket often.

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#4: Beat your rugs: Turn your rugs over and beat the heck out of it with a rug beater bar or broom stick to loosen dust and allergens, then vacuum it.

#5: Spot Cleaning: Get stains out of your fabric-covered furniture using a moist paper towel (water only). Avoid using disinfectant wipes as they may contain bleach and other chemicals that might ruin your fabric or change it’s color.

#6: Use two hands: Want to get this cleaning thing done and over with quicker? Always use two cloths on both hands when dusting or cleaning.

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#7: Get everyone involved: There might be limits to what everyone in your household can do. But don’t underestimate the power of division of labor. Assign age-appropriate tasks to each member and let the work begin!

#8: Don’t forget your vents: Use a hose attachment with a brush to vacuum outside of your vent. If possible, remove the vent cover and clean the visible vent hole/area with a damp cloth to remove any dust that might have settled there. Also, don’t forget to have your vents professionally cleaned at least one a year to keep dust and allergens out, especially if you are sensitive to allergens.

#9: Take your time with windows: Cleaning windows is not joke. You can plan to clean one window per day. Take your time to clean the glass and junk that may have built up at the bottom of the window.

#10: Don’t forget your garage: Usually the garage takes the award for “Most Junked Room” in most homes. Don’t forget to declutter and get rid of unnecessary things you have stored there.

Bonus Tip: Clean around your home’s perimeter. Remove any debris, clean your gutter and look into improving your home’s curb appeal.

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