DIY Floral Sunburst Mirror

Hello everyone! I hope you’re stay indoors and healthy!

I have been homeschooling and DIYing up a storm with things I have on hand since we’re on going-out-as-needed terms.

In this post, I’m sharing how I made this really pretty floral sunburst mirror using faux floral plant stems, hydrangea flowers and a small round tree I picked up at Dollar Tree a few months ago.

Click below for this DIY Tutorial:

DIY Floral Sunburst Mirror

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DIY Clothespin Sunburst Mirror

DIY Wood Trim Sunburst Mirror

Lachlyn Sunburst Mirror - Gold - Safavieh - image 1 of 1
Sunburst Euphoria Decorative Wall Mirror Dark Silver - Howard Elliott - image 1 of 2

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27.75"x27.75" Champagne Round Geometric Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror Gold - Patton Wall Decor - image 5 of 5

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