DIY Closet Storage Shelf and Side Table

I don’t know about you but one thing that I’ve always found frustrating about my closet was the lack of shelves, especially for shoes.

It is very annoying to have to sort through boxes on top of boxes of shoes especially on weekday mornings, when I should have been out of the door 10 minutes ago, but instead I’m ruffling over shoe boxes to find the pair of shoes I want wear.

In my experience boots are the most annoying to grab and go. Firstly, because boot boxes are so big and bulky and secondly, because they don’t stack nicely with your other shoe boxes.

So to alleviate my frustration, I made this DIY storage shelf using my boot boxes, and it doubles as a side table as well for purses, makeup or other items you need place on a flat top in a hurry.

This kind of cardboard shelf can also be used for your regular everyday shoes and sandals, since sandals are also kind of tricky to store.

Click below to access DIY Video:

DIY Closet Storage Shelf and Side Table

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