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How to Transform IKEA Planters: DIY Planter Pot Update

Looking to spruce up your Ikea planters? Use this method! It is by far the easiest way to update your plain Ikea planters into high end pieces.

IKEA is a very fun and budget-friendly place to shop! I feel like I’m in a playground for adults whenever I go shopping there.

There are so many items, areas, nooks and corners to peruse IKEA. It’s like a mall all on its own.

One of my favorite spots in my local IKEA is the plant section. I CANNOT leave IKEA without checking out the plants and planter pot area.

I’ve always found great deals for faux and live plants in IKEA, and I’ve purchased quite a few indoor plants there and I’ve always been very pleased.

I have also purchased a few planter pots from IKEA that range from small to large – a few ceramic and plastic planters.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing how I updated my large, plain IKEA planters and a couple small ones.

Are you ready to turn your plain Ikea planters into chic pieces? Try this hack with me!

To complete this project, you will need:

1) Planter pots (Unfortunately, does not have the large planter in stock)

2) Spray paint (I used this one)

3) News or scrap paper

4) Masking tape or painters tape

Follow the steps below to update your IKEA Planter pots

1| Design your planter: determine how you want the final product to look. Do you want to paint the top or bottom of your planter, or paint on a herringbone or chevron pattern with painter’s tape? Think about the spray paint color you want to use as well.

2| I went with a simple design, so I only covered the bottom of my planter with scrap paper and secured it with masking tape.

3| Then take the planters outdoors to spray. I used two coats of paint for all the planters and let them dry for at least 30 minutes.

4| Lastly, I removed the scrap paper and placed my plants back in the pots.

Click below to access the video tutorial for this hack.

DIY Ikea Planters Hack Update

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