DIY Black and White Geometric Wall Art

I’m all for reusing and repurposing, especially when it comes to creating unique and budget-friendly decor.

Today I will be sharing how I reused 2 11” x 14” canvases and repurposed a couple accessory hangers to create black and white geometric wall art.

I had previously used these canvases, and it was time to create something else with them. The hangers on the other hand, I had not used at all, and had been hanging on to them for about four years. The other day, I found them in a storage bin and thought, ooh, I can use those as wall décor, and Viola! Here we are!

Here are the before photos:

Here are the steps I took to complete this project:

Watch the full Tutorial Here!

  1. Prepare the canvases by applying white acrylic paint

This step required several coats of paint to make sure the previous art was completely covered. I used a heating tool to dry the canvas between paint applications to move through the project quickly.

For the second canvas, I first removed the thumbtacks and then glued down a 8” x11” white cardstock to the back to ensure that the white acrylic paint won’t sip through the holes.

2. Remove the hook part of the accessory hanger

This step was fairly easy, but be careful not to break off a bit of the plastic surrounding the hook when pulling off the hook. If this happens, just apply a bit of hot glue to fix it.

3. Apply hot glue to one side of each accessory hanger, and center them on the canvases.

4. You’re done! Hang them on your wall and admire your new geometric wall art. I used 3M wall hanging strips to attach my canvases to the wall. These would look really great as pieces of a gallery wall.

I think the canvases would have looked even better if they were framed. I will mostly like make some DIY frames and update this post soon. Stay tuned!

Would you like to watch how these canvases were made as well? Watch it here!

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