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DIY VASE DECOR | Thrift Find Makeover

DIY vase decor makeover. How to update a thrift store vase or pitcher.

Hello my friends. It’s been a while since my last post. But I’m back today with a fresh DIY idea for you. It’s a DIY pitcher-turned-vase project.

I bought this pitcher from a thrift store over a year ago with the intention of transforming it into something else. My initial plan was to simply spray paint it white and use it as a flower vase, which I did. However, after the first update, I wasn’t in love with it. However, I kept it, but I did not use it as a decorative piece. I kept it in the cabinet under my kitchen sink and used it as a watering pitcher to water my houseplants. It has worked well for that purpose, but I think this baby is finally ready to make its debut as a vase. LOL.

Watch this DIY project here!

You know sometimes, all you need is the right inspiration that sparks the thought “I have something that could be transformed that way?” This was my exact thought when I saw an animal print (I think giraffe) vase on Instagram.

DIY vase decor makeover. How to update a thrift store vase or pitcher.

That’s where it all began. So you ask “What did I do?”

I got up, grabbed and dusted off my once green, red and beige, now white pitcher and got to work.

I gave the pitcher (now about to be turned vase) a fresh coat of white spray paint and drew the giraffe print on it using an Oil-based Metallic Gold Sharpie Marker.

What do you think about this transformation? Please leave me a comment below.

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DIY vase decor makeover. How to update a thrift store vase or pitcher.

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