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How to build a Workbench in 6 easy steps!

How to build a workbench: build a simple workbench in 6 easy steps. How to build a large workbench for home shop or garage.

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I’ve wanted a workbench for a while but setting time aside to build one has been challenging. I’m starting to do more woodworking projects, and using a workbench has become a necessity. My initial plan was to build a 72″ x 36″ workbench, but I quickly dialed back on the size when I saw how big the MDF top was as it was being cut at my local lumber yard.

I ended up building a 68″ x 32″ workbench, although the frame was 66″ x 30″. Having a bigger bench top compared to the frame was intentional because I wanted a 2” edge on two sides of the bench for easy clamping.

Continue below for the cut list and tools I used.

DIY Workbench Supply List

10 – 2 x 3 x 8” (Framing lumber)Power drill (including drill bits)
2 – 4 x 8 sheets of ¾” thick MDF Kreg Jig K4 Master system
12 – 2.5” flat Philips wood screwBrad nailer (or a good ole hammer)
28 – 2 ¼ pocket hole screws Miter saw
2” Pneumatic nails or finishing nails 
DIY workbench supply list

Cut list

Top frame66”22×3 Framing lumber
 27”32×3 Framing lumber
Legs35 ¼42×3 Framing lumber
Leg support 24”32×3 Framing lumber
 58 ¼22×3 Framing lumber
Workbench top68” x 32”1¾ MDF
Shelf63 ¼ x 24”1¾ MDF
DIY workbench lumber cut list

Build a simple DIY Workbench in 6 easy steps!

Step 1: Cut 2 x 3s according to the cut list

Step 2: Use a Kreg Jig system to drill pocket holes into all the 2 x 3 cuts, except the legs

Drilling pilot pocket holes with a Kreg Jig K4 Master system

Step 3: Build the top frame of the workbench.

Workbench top frame (66″ x 30″)

Step 4: Attach the legs using wood screws. It’s helpful to use a clamp to hold corners together and pre-drill for this step.

Installing the legs of the bench with wood screws (3 per leg)

Step 5: Attach leg supports (also serves at the bottom shelf frame) 

Adding leg supports while building the bench

Step 6: Install MDF top and shelf and secure them with brad nails. The shelves were installed at 9″ from the bottom of each leg.

Installing and securing the bottom shelf

What about casters?

I initially bought a 4” caster to install on the legs of this workbench, but upon further research, I plan to purchase the Rockler casters instead, since they allow for better stability, in addition to added mobility. 

Here is the outcome of the workbench build. What do you think?

Completed workbench

  • I used 2 ½ pocket holes and 2 ½ pocket hole screws because the joined 2x3s and they were 1.5” thick. Read your Kreg Jig instructions and choose the appropriate settings based on the thickness of your lumber boards
  • Have your MDF boards cut at the lumber yard. I had to adjust the width of my MDF top at home using my table saw, and it was a struggle because it is so heavy!
  • Feel free to customize your bench!

DIY Workbench Tips and Tricks:

How to build a workbench

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