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DIY Accent Wall – Master Bedroom Update

Update your boring master bedroom today by creating an accent wall. See how I created this simple, blue accent wall in my bedroom.

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It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge – 2022, with but I’m just making my first post because, well, life.

I love all things DIY, interior design and decorating and I can’t wait for the day I get to dedicate my daylight hours to it completely, but I’m thankful for the little I’m able to do these days.

For the Spring 2022 One Room Challenge, I have decided to update my boring master bedroom. While the main level of my home is mostly finished and decorated, I can’t say the same about the bedrooms. So I have decided that the first course of action will be in my master bedroom.

A blank canvas – ‘before’

Here are the list of to-dos for this update:

  1. Create an accent wall
  2. Upholster my headboard
  3. Paint my dresser, chest of drawers, and nightstands
  4. Create DIY wall décor/art
  5. Style and decorate!

For week 4, I’m sharing how I created a simple accent wall in my bedroom.

I used 1 x 2 finger-jointed boards and ripped it using a table saw, and then cut it down to the needed lengths for the accent wall. Let’s call it ‘DIY moulding.’
Let the installation begin! I used 2″ brad nails and my 18-gauge brad nailer for this step. No glue. I prefer not to use glue when I create moulding accent walls so I could easily make adjustments if I make a mistake.
Installation is complete, and it’s time to paint. I fell in love with the accent wall at this point. I might try this white and white look in another room!
Painting the accent wall – I used an angled brush to paint the trim and corners, and then proceeded to use a paint roller to finish the rest of the wall.
I tried the “cutting paint” technique for the top edge of the wall and it worked! You have to use a quality, angled brush and take your time!

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Here is the finished wall!

What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

I’m just so in love with this wall, and I look forward to adding “moulding” to the main level wall my home.

One Room Challenge – Master Bedroom Update Moodboard

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