How to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a must to have for a complete living room look. Find out how to style your coffee table and cool accessory decor now. Coffee table decor ideas.

Everyday Love-Inspired Home Decor

It's the day of love and there are so many ways to say you believe in love. Let your decor style speak for your values and beliefs. These love-inspired decor ideas are not only for valentine's day. They are neutral and can be used all year round.

How to Decorate with Boxes

Decorative boxes are one of the most versatile decor accents for any flat surface. It works on shelves, coffee tables, dressers/chests, and countertops. I have quite a number of decorative boxes around my house because they serve two purposes - as decor accent and also a storage container. These boxes are also very easy to … Continue reading How to Decorate with Boxes

Unique Must-Have Decorative Accent Furniture Pieces

I have been gushing over decorative accent furniture and chest for a while now and it's just destiny that I have to write and share this post. They are so pleasing to the eye and their intricate details make them impossible to ignore. These chest are luxurious and will easily be a focal point in a living or family room or dining area or a cozy bedroom.

What is your Design Style?

Do you want decorating ideas tailored to your style? I found a really cool quiz from Better Homes and Gardens that will help you determine your decorating personality and get ideas that fit your style! My Design Style is Country French, what's yours? As a person with a Country French design style......You are drawn to … Continue reading What is your Design Style?

11 Ways to use Contact Paper to decorate your Home!

Try these FUN and CREATIVE ways to use contact paper to cover and update any surface in your home. The possibilities are truly endless....cover walls, books, boxes, kitchen counter tops, cabinets, line drawers, shelves and storage units, pantry and so much more! And why not use it as a backsplash?!

Easy DIY Face Masks for Sewing Beginners

Are you looking for easy DIY Face Mask patterns for yourself and family members? This is a easy tutorial for anyone who has minimal experience with sewing. You will need: Cotton FabricAn old t-shirtThreadA sewing machine or needle (for hand-stitching)A safety pin Click below to access tutorial: Easy DIY face Mask for Sewing Beginners