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How to Transform Plain Books into Decorative Elements with Contact Paper | DIY

There so many ways books can be used to add dimension to a flat surface, but have you ever thought about using it to add color to your decor? Books are definitely a versatile element to add to your decor. It could be used to raise other objects up to a certain height or used for a layered effect.

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The books here bring a layered effect to the coffee table. From allkindsoflovelyblog

You probably already have books laying around your house that you’ve never read or opened. Don’t throw them out! Make them purposeful by using them for decor with contact paper. The contact paper route is very easy because you don’t have to buy books to complement your current decor color scheme. Any book can be covered with your choice of contact paper color and print. It’s as easy as peel and stick!

I have covered several books and the results are always fantastic! Scroll down….

Using contact paper to cover books. Budget-friendly Home Decor Ideas
Using contact paper to cover books. Budget-friendly Home Decor Ideas

I have also used contact paper to cover up boxes. This project is as easy as covering a book. It might be easier to cover a small box however so you can you one big piece of contact paper for the box and one for the lid.


This decorative shoe box storage box ended up being used as my nail polish storage on my nightstand shelf. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Grab some contact paper here and cover up some books and boxes!

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Contact Paper Projects, diy

11 Ways to use Contact Paper to decorate your Home!

Line a tray.
A tray lined with marble contact paper
Marble Tray
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Cover a refrigerator? 
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Cover cabinets
More drawers
Use decorative gift wrap or wall paper to line the drawers of a dresser
Line some drawers
DIY Shelf Paper
Line your pantry walls and shelves
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Kitchen Backsplash
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Lining the back of cabinets and shelves
153 best Contact Paper Ideas from Chic Shelf Paper images on
Make Wall Art
Decorative storage box with contact paper, Over The Apple Tree
Decorative Boxes
Cover your office or craft table

There are many more ways to use these sticky “paper”. Click on my shop link to find a few contact paper prints to choose from. More to come!

Click here to see how I used contact paper to update my almost ten-year-old Ikea Table.

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Contact Paper Projects, diy

How to transform your old IKEA Tabletop | DIY

Anyone who shops IKEA knows that they have great deals on furniture and home items!

We’ve had the same Melltorp Ikea table for more than 10 years and it’s still going strong. We started out using it as an office table, then a dining table and now as the kitchen/breakfast table.

I have thought about replacing the tabletop with wood for a while or just purchasing a new tabletop from IKEA but, where is the time and money for that?

So I have decided to transform it by covering it with contact paper, aka, adhesive shelf liner.

One thing to note is that even though this product is marketed as PAPER, it’s actually made of vinyl, which means it’s very durable and can be cleaned like any non-porous surface.

Here is a photo of the table before it was covered………

Then the work began:

Every roll of contact paper comes with a backing. When the backing is removed, it exposes the adhesive side of the paper.
I started applying the contact paper with about an inch and half over the edge. This allowance will be folded over the side of the table as shown in the photo below.
I cut a slit in the corner as shown above and tucked the flap down first to create a clean look around the corners.
The first side of the table is now completed. On to the other side.
Here, I tried to match up the pattern first. I was close to a perfect match here but it got a little tricky when I started applying the paper. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of. The contact paper is very versatile and you can reposition it as many times as needed.

Here is the photo of the table after……

I really loved how the table turned out. I’ve been wanting to work on this project for a while and I’m so happy I finally did it! It has also held up so nicely, with the kids using it three times a day for the past month.

You ask where you can find contact paper? Click on the link to access my shop for different colors and patterns.

Don’t forget to have fun!