Dorm Room Essentials and Decor Ideas

I've been out of school for a few years. Okay, maybe a good while, but it's fun to revisit the dorm life and daydream about the essentials and how I would decorate my dorm room if I could do it all over a again. This post contain affiliate links. Please see my policies for more … Continue reading Dorm Room Essentials and Decor Ideas

How to Decorate with Boxes

Decorative boxes are one of the most versatile decor accents for any flat surface. It works on shelves, coffee tables, dressers/chests, and countertops. I have quite a number of decorative boxes around my house because they serve two purposes - as decor accent and also a storage container. These boxes are also very easy to … Continue reading How to Decorate with Boxes

How to Add Geometry to your Home Decor

Fall is here and it’s time for a little redecorating! A change in seasons is a great time to make changes in our lives and in our homes. To get started, why don’t you draw inspiration from a popular trend sweeping both weddings and interior design? Geometric decor is a contemporary design style filled with … Continue reading How to Add Geometry to your Home Decor