How to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a must to have for a complete living room look. Find out how to style your coffee table and cool accessory decor now. Coffee table decor ideas.

BOHO Living Room Decor Essentials

The bohemian style is warm, earthy, and neutral, with a mix of fiery and bright accessories. Combining and layering colors and textures is what makes the bohemian style unique. Click on the images below for BOHO-style accessories for your living spaces. This post contains affiliate links. Please see blog policies for more information. Subscribe for…

Target Finds – Unique Accent Chairs

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How to Style your Entryway

First impression is everything! What does your entryway say about your home? It’s the first and last space your guests see as they enter and leave your home. What do you want it to say? “Hello! Welcome to our peaceful and inviting home” or “Come on in. What you see is what your get!” In…