9 Ways to Maximize your Small Pantry

Do you have a reach-in pantry and want to know how to maximize your space? I am sharing my tips today to help you manage your reach-in pantry like mine.

DIY Wall Organizer for Sewing Supplies

Like some of you who have found yourselves sewing more lately due to the demand for face masks in your household, neighborhood or community, I have found myself cranking up my sewing machine a few times within the last two weeks to help in the little way I can. And as you know, with sewing…

It’s Time for Spring De-cluttering!

Are you struck in a rut with organizing your home? Read this post for some motivation and tips to help you declutter every room in your home this season.

Storage & Organization Hacks for Every Kitchen

Pantry Storage Produce Storage Refrigerator Storage Cabinet Storage Countertop Storage Subscribe for blog updates. Opt out at any time. Other posts you will appreciate….. Functional and Decorative Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom How to Maintain a Clutter-Free Home How to Add more Storage to your Home My Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips 6 Ways…

Budget-Friendly Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Cabinet Door Organizer: Grocery Bag organizer: Cabinet Pull-out Organizer: Tupperware Lids Organizer: Pot Lids, Cutting Board and Baking Sheet Organizer: Dish Cabinet Organizer: Countertop Organizer for everyday items: coffee, sugar, seasonings, etc Under the Sink Organizer: Lazy Susan Organizer Clear Bin: Countertop Organizers for everyday items: Tight In-between Spaces: Under the Cabinet: Countertop Space: Other…

My Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

#1: Start at the top: You should always clean a room from top to bottom to reduce doing double work. Imagine vacuuming a room before dusting the furniture? You will create more work for yourself eventually. #2: Vacuum off dust on blinds and window treatments: Try to minimize the spreading of dust as much as…

How to Get Some Quiet Time with Little Ones at Home

I’m a mom of three. Three boys that is, and boy, life is busy. My oldest is 8 years old, and my twins boys are 6 years old. I know kids will be kids and boys will be boys, but I’m seriously trying to encourage them to use their inside voice when they’re at home….