10 Stylish Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt

Happy New Year, everyone! Hooray!!!, it’s my first post of 2018 and I have a confession to make. Lately I’ve been obsessed with everything denim. I own a couple denim shirts right now and I just ordered two more. In fact as I write this post, I have the package of shirts waiting to picked up at the store. Plus, I have my eyes on a few more from another online store. Obsessive, right? I know, I know. That’s why I’ve been researching ways to style these shirts and share them with you all because sharing is caring…😊.

1] With a blazer (unknown source, source, source)

Image result for how to style a denim shirt with a blazer
2] with a bright-colored skirt or pants (unknown source)

Image result for how to style a denim shirtImage result for how to style a denim shirt
3] With a print skirt or pants (unknown source)

Image result for how to style denim with print skirt
4] With a denim on black jeans (source)

Image result for how to style denim on denim

5] Denim on denim (source)

How to wear a denim shirt 21 different ways
6] With a dramatic full skirt (source)

Image result for wearing denim shirt to a christmas party
7] With Khaki pants (source)

Image result for wearing denim shirt to a christmas party
8] With a sweater or cardigan (source)

9] With shorts (source)

10] creatively with an oversized denim shirt (source)

Did any of these styles grab your eye? Which do you look forward to trying? Dust off your denim shirt and style up! Have fun!




Make Your Own Jewelry Dish

This post is dedicated to all jewelry lovers. Especially those who have so much jewelry that it’s difficult to keep track and organized. And let’s not talk about loosing pieces because you don’t have a specific place to store them.

One way to solve these problems is to have a jewelry dish or multiple dishes for your rings and dainty earrings that can be easily misplaced. And you won’t believe how easy it is to make one.

To make a jewelry dish you’ll need:

1) Find a wide mouth shallow dish or buy one at your local dollar store.

I bought this dish at my local Dollar Tree for $1.00

2) Spray paint it your favorite color.


This is the yellow jewelry dish I made to place on my nightstand. The bottom one is for my dresser.

So what are you waiting for?

Make a jewelry dish now. It’ll make a nice gift from you to yourself!

How to Makeover a Cushioned Accent Chair

Have you ever wished you could reupholster your furniture in a few easy steps without breaking the bank? Today I will be sharing my DIY vintage chair makeover project that required re-upholstery and what I did to bypass the detailed and tedious process of re-upholstering a cushioned furniture.

By the way, I forgot to take before photos of the chair because I was too excited to get my hands on it and make it over. However, I’ll take a stab at describing its before condition.

This chair was a light oak color and the cushion was covered with a large print floral (sage, brown) fabric. From the looks of things, the chair had been previously reupholstered and my plan was to reupholster it again. I was going to throw the chair a reupholster-reupholster party. My plan was to revive it with a fresh wood stain and a contemporary fabric for the cushion part of it. Mind you it only cost me $6.99 :).

The materials I used include:

  • Heavy/Medium Home Decor Fabric
  • Wood Stain
  • 3M Sand Paper/Sand Foam
  • Paper Towels
  • Small nails/Utility Staples
  • Hammer/Staple gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Paint brush (to apply wood stain)

So you ask, what is the trick I used to bypass the tedious re-upholstery process?

After unscrewing the cushion from the chair, I placed it in a 20” x 20” inch pillow cover that had been previously removed from a throw pillow. It was the best casing for the cushion! (I did not bother to remove the old fabric or replace the foam or plywood or cardboard or any other parts from the cushion.) On the underside of the cushion, I then pulled the fabric in several directions, starting the middle, folding it flat and nailing it into place to form a smooth finished look.

Before I sanded the chair frame
While sanding the chair frame

Next, I took the chair frame outside to sand. I sanded it with a 3M sandpaper, wiped it down several times with a damp cloth and let it dry.  Then I stained it with some Red Oak Stain, which I previously used in my DIY Bookshelf Nightstand Project.  I applied several coats of stain until I was satisfied with the results. I attached the cushion back onto the frame and tada!!!

I really enjoyed working on this project and you can too! It makes a great accent chair in my living room. I’m satisfied just walking past it. It brings me joy, hehe.

Feel free to leave a comment or questions for me.

Happy DIYing,