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Easy DIY Decorative Boxes

I recently published a post about decorative boxes because they are so darn useful. You can use one as a decorative piece while it holds your treasures or useful junk. (Let’s be honest, junk is a box looks good as

Last night I helped my boys decorate shoe boxes for Valentine’s Day. The boxes will hold all their Valentine’s day cards and goodies they will receieve from their friends and teachers on this beautiful day.

I started with two shoe boxes.

This project is so easy and it took me about 15 minutes to make each box. Find some leftover gift wrapping paper, contact paper, some tape and a pair of scissors to make this decorative boxes. Check out your local dollar store. All these materials can be found there! You can also use a fabric or decoupage craft paper onto you box with mod podge.


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How to Decorate with Boxes

Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Quick Flower Vase Makeover | DIY

Farmhouse “Faith” Wall Decor | DIY

Quick Flower Vase Makeover | DIY

Bethany Medium Turquoise Marble Decorative Box

Stirrup Canvas and Brown Leather 15 1/4



DIY Home Decor

Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Have other decor addicts out there started looking to decorate for Valentine’s Day or am I the only one?

I packed up our Christmas tree and other Christmas decor items over the weekend and now looking for Valentine’s Day decor ideas. Who is with me?!

Read more here: Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas.


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DIY Door Mirror Update for $13!

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Hello everyone!!! It has been a while and today I’m going to share a DIY door mirror makeover. I’m sure you know about those simple budget-friendly mirrors that you can get from Walmart or Target.

I actually bought my mirror from Lowes, but it’s not available online, so here is a photo from Target.

So, how did I bring new life to this cheap and simple mirror? Read on……….

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The materials I used for this DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER are as follows.

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 1: Spray paint mirror frame

I wanted the mirror, which had a white frame, to match stained trim. So I used several coats of the spray paint (FYI – I only painted the frame of the mirror. I covered the surface of the mirror with some old store circular/newspaper and some masking tape to hold things down)

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 2: Cut the wood trim

I really did not want a wide frame around the mirror because it was to be placed in my entry way. I was so happy I found this really cool trim at Lowes. I cut the trim with a miter box to match the dimensions of the mirror.

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 3: Stain the wood trim

I stained the wood trim using one coat of this shade of Mixwax stain. I used a old brush and several old/torn socks to apply the stain and wipe any excess as I went along. Make sure you have disposable gloves on for this step. I have used wood stain several times without gloves, and it can get sticky and gooey on your hands and hard to wash off.

DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER STEP 4: Glue the stained wood trim to the mirror frame

In this step, I applied glue all around the frame. Then carefully placed the stained wood trim pieces on the frame sides. I placed items on the trim as weights to help the <a href=”http:// ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>E600 glue adhere better. I let it dry for over 24 hours and my mirror was ready for hanging.



The thing that sucks most about these simple mirrors is that they are REALLY simple. They come as plain as can be, without wall hooks, door hanger or anything that will help you hang it on a door! So to resolve this issue, I simple used 8 strips of 3M wall hanging strips. These things are a life saver! Could be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth with.

Other details:

Q: How long did it take to complete this project?

A: You can complete this DOOR MIRROR MAKEOVER in about a few days (for spray paint, stain and glue to dry)

Q: How much did it cost you to complete this project?

A: I had most of the materials on hand, expect for the wood trim, which was $2.99 per 6′ cut, and I used 2 for a total of $6.36 (tax incl.)

Q: What is the level of difficulty for this project?

A: Easy – medium. It could be tasking for someone who is not used to using a miter box or have never used wood stain before. Always do your research to find out how to use or do things on Youtube. Yes, YouTube is a really good resource, especially when you’re not sure of what your doing.

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Farmhouse “Faith” Wall Decor | DIY

I started by filling the holes in the middle MDF board and glued all three pieces together with E6000 glue.

Painting and parts for Framhouse Faith project
Then I painted the MDF boards white with multi-surface craft paint. Wonder what the screws are for? stay tuned!

All parts painted with two coats of paint. The acrylic white paint was purchased from Walmart and can be found at any craft store. The copper paint is named “new penny” and was purchased from Target. I bought 5 inch MDF letters from Walmart also about a year ago, and just never got to use them until now.

Here, I arranged the letters on the MDF board plaque before using the E6000 glue to them down.

So I mentioned above that the wood used for this project is scrap MDF boards. They are actually from an old twin bed. I used the screws to cover up the holes on the side and it turned out to be my FAVORITE part of this wall plaque. It adds character to it. 🙂

All complete and beautifully adorning my wall.

I think it took about a week to complete this project. I worked on it whenever I had some free time (busy mom struggle). However, it could easily take a few hours  to complete if not for the wait time to allow the glue and paint to dry.

What do you guys think? Would you make this decor plaque?



How I updated and re-purposed my nursery glider ottoman| DIY

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Hello, my faithful readers! I’m back with another DIY project, but first I have to tell you a little bit of history.

I am a momma of three boys and as a new mom (many years ago), I had to have the Storkcraft Bowback Glider and Ottoman in our nursery.

We used the glider chair to rock all our boys to sleep at night until they were about 6 months old. It held up really well and served it’s purpose.

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We eventually got rid of the glider chair three years ago, but we held on to the ottoman.  We use it as a hallway bench to sit on when dressing the kiddos up.


We’ve owned it for 8 years (my oldest son turned 8 yesterday :), and it was starting to fall apart and the upholster fabric is stained.

So yep, I decided to re-upholster it and bring it new life!

I used about a yard of some lightweight home decor fabric that I had left over from another project.

Here are some fun fabrics for you to try.

These fabrics and many more are on sale for $6.99 (reg. $9.99) per yard at 

Click on the fabric or the description link below each fabric.

Home Essentials Lightweight Decor Fabric 45″ Levron Melon

Home Essentials Lightweight Decor Fabric 45″ Clezar Panorama Indigo

Home Essentials Lightweight Decor fabric 45″ Bivel Jewel

For this project, I used

First, I removed the seating pad from the gliding ottoman bottom.
Next, I removed the original staples using a flat screwdriver.


I included a piece of heavy duty batting under the foam to provide more cushion.
Halfway done through stapling. FYI – I trimmed the excess fabric as I stapled around the wood, making sure I left access for the screw holes needed to attach the cushion back to the gliding ottoman stand.


Here is the new and improved ottoman! Note: be mindful of your fabric’s print/pattern. Make sure your print is centered to give your piece a more professional look.
I also use the ottoman in the laundry room.

I truly enjoyed working on this project and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Don’t forget to share and leave me a comment.

– Abs

See below for other fabric DIY projects:


***Don’t forget to take advantage of coupons, when you visit They have tons and tons of coupons to take advantage of.

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Contact Paper Projects, diy

How to Transform Plain Books into Decorative Elements with Contact Paper | DIY

There so many ways books can be used to add dimension to a flat surface, but have you ever thought about using it to add color to your decor? Books are definitely a versatile element to add to your decor. It could be used to raise other objects up to a certain height or used for a layered effect.

Image result for using books for decor
The books here bring a layered effect to the coffee table. From allkindsoflovelyblog

You probably already have books laying around your house that you’ve never read or opened. Don’t throw them out! Make them purposeful by using them for decor with contact paper. The contact paper route is very easy because you don’t have to buy books to complement your current decor color scheme. Any book can be covered with your choice of contact paper color and print. It’s as easy as peel and stick!

I have covered several books and the results are always fantastic! Scroll down….

Using contact paper to cover books. Budget-friendly Home Decor Ideas
Using contact paper to cover books. Budget-friendly Home Decor Ideas

I have also used contact paper to cover up boxes. This project is as easy as covering a book. It might be easier to cover a small box however so you can you one big piece of contact paper for the box and one for the lid.


This decorative shoe box storage box ended up being used as my nail polish storage on my nightstand shelf. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Grab some contact paper here and cover up some books and boxes!

Until next time!


DIY Home Decor

My Favorite Easter Home Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day is far behind us and it’s time to plan and decorate for Easter!

Looking for some fresh Easter décor ideas?

Take a look at some ultra unique Easter décor I’ve dug up over the last few weeks for inspiration! ⇓⇓ Leave me a comment on your favorite(s).

[Karat Easter Eggs]: I am sooo in love with this simple and easy décor I found at, because it’s neutral and will blend well with any décor color scheme. Want to try it? All you need is eggs, mod podge and glitter!

Image result for unique easter decorations


  • [Au Naturel]: You can’t go wrong with being natural with this next favorite. The white background in this Easter décor helps the green and tan color pop. White, or neutrals in general, offer a good template for other colors.

Image result for neutral easter decorations

[Wreath Flair]: No holiday is complete without a wreath, especially Easter. I found this really cool and modern wreath at It is beautifully shaped with white tulips. Other colors are available too!

Spring Tulip Wreath

[Speckled Eggs]: I’ve seen many egg-in-vase center pieces, but one is special because the eggs are speckled and they vary in size.

Image result for neutral easter decor

[Egg Ornaments]: How come I never thought about this idea? Egg ornaments! This is really cool to add to a bottom on a blah glass vase to bring some pizzazz to a center piece or flower arrangement.

Image result for neutral easter decor

[Oo la la…… Copper egg Centerpiece]

The contrast of the turquoise and copper eggs in this centerpiece is giving me life! Ahh..mazing!  These two colors are by far my favorites and they work so well that i can help but put it on this list.

Image result for neutral easter decor

[He is risen!] This decor is as easy as paint and wood. It’s really easy and neutral! You can either freestyle the lettering or trace the letters on like I did in my Christmas (JOY) project.

Related image

[Color-blocked Eggs] The design of this next idea is just brilliant. It’s fun, bright, colorful and enticing to the eyes.

[Spring is in the Air]: This next decor idea is not only screams Easter, but also Spring. This floral and Pilar combo is brought to you by Check it out!

Hope this post has inspired you to start decorating for Easter! Enjoy!