10-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Christmas is behind us and Valentine’s day is right around the corner.

Today, I’ll be sharing how I made a super easy string light wreath. It’s so easy, you can seriously get it done in less than ten minutes.

I used only 4 items for this project – one embroidery hoop, white acrylic paint, a small paint brush and pink/purple string lights on white wire. (4 set of  48″ string ).

Are you ready to make this super easy Valentine’s Day string light wreath?

Step 1. Paint the embroidery hoop with a small paint brush

Step 2: Wrap the string light around the hoop

Step 3: You’re all done!!!

Easiest project ever, right?

I placed this simple wreath on my entryway wall shelf.


Where can you hang your simple Valentine’s Day wreath?

– Hang it on the outside (exterior) of your front door

– Hang ir on the inside (interior) of your front door

– Place it on your entryway table/shelf or mudroom

– Hang on the wall in a common hallway

– Add it to your guest bathroom decor

– Add it to a gallery wall in your family room

– Hang it in a master bedroom for a romantic feel and look

Want to make this simple Valentine’s Day Wreath even better?

  • Make a bigger and dramatic wreath by using a bigger embriodery hoop
  • Make a fuller wreath with more string lights
  • Use it as a table centerpiece around a set of vases or a set of candles.
  • Place on on a mantel (See ideas here)
  • Hang with a wooden frame or wall mirror or farmhouse window (see ideas here)



It’s ok to buy a pack of embriodery hoops because there are so many projects you can use them for. If you don’t want a pack, buy a hoop (comes in 2’s) from your local craft store. They are really cheap! Walmart carries it too. Order it online if you don’t want a pack or have a craft store or Walmart store around you.

Your string light wreath could be used as double duty around the Christmas season. Who said Christmas lights only had to be red, gold or clear? I purchased the pink and purple string lights at my local AC Moore (a craft store) but is not currently available online. Check out Amazon, they have a good variety.

Time needed: About 10 minutes (including drying time for the paint). I only used one coat of paint. If you don’t use paint often, get a small 2 oz. bottle of paint like this. It’s also sold at Walmart.

Cost: I had the white acrylic paint and the paint brush on hand. I bought the lights on sale for 50% off (original price was $3.99). 4 packs cost me about $8 and the embriodery hoop was less than $2. Overall, I spent about $10 for this project.


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