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Easy DIY Decorative Boxes

I recently published a post about decorative boxes because they are so darn useful. You can use one as a decorative piece while it holds your treasures or useful junk. (Let’s be honest, junk is a box looks good as

Last night I helped my boys decorate shoe boxes for Valentine’s Day. The boxes will hold all their Valentine’s day cards and goodies they will receieve from their friends and teachers on this beautiful day.

I started with two shoe boxes.

This project is so easy and it took me about 15 minutes to make each box. Find some leftover gift wrapping paper, contact paper, some tape and a pair of scissors to make this decorative boxes. Check out your local dollar store. All these materials can be found there! You can also use a fabric or decoupage craft paper onto you box with mod podge.


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DIY Nightstand Makeover

Being a book lover means I have to have a book around me wherever I go. I usually carry a book in my bag with me when out and about or at work. I might not get a chance to read it but it’s comforting to know that I can just whip it out when I get a few minutes to myself, which rarely happens. This is why my ideal nightstand is practically a book shelf! I scooped this baby up at my favorite thrift store, Savers, for $6.99. It was sturdy enough to be used as a nightstand even though it was made of particle wood boards in a light oak color. The coolest thing about it was that it was built on caster wheels for mobility.

On the weekend following the purchase, I set out to transform this new addition to my collection. I sanded it first and then stained it with a red oak stain by MINWAX. This project almost turned into an epic fail because I did not completely wipe off the stain every time I applied a coat. I left it to dry for over two weeks and I still ended up with a sticky nightstand/bookself. Wood staining amateur problems….. *shakes head*.

After spending sometime researching the issue, I found out I could apply another coat to loosen up the sticky surface and then wipe it again. Completely! This idea ended up being a life saver. Who knew? After 24 hours, I ended up with a nice clean semi red oak surface, which wasn’t a surprise to me being that I was staining particle wood and not real wood. What I did was more like painting the surface because the particle wood did not absorb the stain. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with this simple DIY nightstand.

To dress it up and add some color, I used some adhesive shelf liner aka contact paper to line the top surface and bottom shelf. I had several prints in my stash but I chose a gray and white Chevron print to compliment the gray, blue, navy, turquoise color scheme of mi cuatro.

Also featured in these photos are my DIY fabric-covered lamp shade, DIY rope vase  and contact paper covered boxes.

This was such a simple project. Find a piece a furniture and make your own nightstand. Happy DIYing!