Target Finds of the Week – Master Bedroom

Micro Texture Duvet Cover + Pillow Shams | 2. Plush White Pillows | 3. Crisp White Queen Sheets | 4. Gray Headboard   Retro Nightstand  | 2.  Tasseled Throw Blanket | 3. Ivory Pompom Pillow | 4. Seashell LED Lamp | 5.  Plush Faux Fur Throw Blanket This post contains affiliate links. See my blog … Continue reading Target Finds of the Week – Master Bedroom

How to Make a Reverse Canvas Wall Art

Do you appreciate customized wall art? Why not try making this reverse, farmhouse-style wall art? All you need in addition to the canvas is a craft knife, a pencil and a black sharpie marker. Click on image below to watch how to make this simple reverse canvas wall art: Below is a similar one I … Continue reading How to Make a Reverse Canvas Wall Art

DIY Upcycled Glass Jar Decor

I know EVERYONE has glass jars hanging around their recycling containers or least in their pantry or refrigerator in their home. My family loves to eat tortilla chips with store-bought salsa, so I always have those lovely jars waiting to be used for something creative. So today, I decided to make a couple special jar … Continue reading DIY Upcycled Glass Jar Decor