BOHO Living Room Decor Essentials

The bohemian style is warm, earthy, and neutral, with a mix of fiery and bright accessories. Combining and layering colors and textures is what makes the bohemian style unique. Click on the images below for BOHO-style accessories for your living spaces. This post contains affiliate links. Please see blog policies for more information. reading BOHO Living Room Decor Essentials

IKEA + Dollar Tree DIY Wall Decor

Hello my lovely readers! Today I bring you another IKEA hack, but this time, it's a collaboration with a Dollar Tree item. I am all about simple and budget-friendly décor ideas and this one is no different. For this IKEA + Dollar Tree DIY Wall Decor project, I used: 1| An IKEA place mat … Continue reading IKEA + Dollar Tree DIY Wall Decor

How to Transform Plain Books into Decorative Accents

There so many ways books can be used to add dimension to a flat surface, but have you ever thought about using it to add color to your decor? Books are definitely a versatile element to add to your decor. It could be used to raise other objects up to a certain height or used … Continue reading How to Transform Plain Books into Decorative Accents