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Easy DIY Decorative Boxes

I recently published a post about decorative boxes because they are so darn useful. You can use one as a decorative piece while it holds your treasures or useful junk. (Let's be honest, junk is a box looks good as Last night I helped my boys decorate shoe boxes for Valentine's Day. The boxes… Continue reading Easy DIY Decorative Boxes

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9 Ways to Decorate with Living Coral

Winter has been all about snowy whites, charcoals, golden shimmers, and cozy, neutral color palettes. But with Spring approaching fast, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year is top of mind. This year, Living Coral was the chosen color, a hue the company describes as “animating” and “energetic.” The warm orange tone is a welcomed change… Continue reading 9 Ways to Decorate with Living Coral

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How to Decorate with Boxes

Decorative boxes are one of the most versatile decor accents for any flat surface. It works on shelves, coffee tables, dressers/chests, and countertops. I have quite a number of decorative boxes around my house because they serve two purposes - as decor accent and also a storage container. These boxes are also very easy to… Continue reading How to Decorate with Boxes

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How to Incorporate Nature into your Home Decor

Winter is on it's way out and Spring is upon us. It's always nice to be able to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your living space. I am a lover of the outdoors and I believe there's no easier way to bring the outdoor indoors than decorating your space with plants, wooden… Continue reading How to Incorporate Nature into your Home Decor

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Unique Must-Have Decorative Accent Furniture Pieces

I have been gushing over decorative accent furniture and chest for a while now and it's just destiny that I have to write and share this post. They are so pleasing to the eye and their intricate details make them impossible to ignore. These chest are luxurious and will easily be a focal point in a living or family room or dining area or a cozy bedroom.

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Must-Have Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Accessories

We all know that the trending home decor style right now is Modern Farmhouse. It's a style that is really relaxed, full of charm and character. The modern farmhouse color scheme is pretty neutral. The color palette ranges from grays, pale blues, whites to shades of off-whites. Most farmhouse decor have a rustic, vintage and… Continue reading Must-Have Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Accessories


10-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Christmas is behind us and Valentine's day is right around the corner. Today, I'll be sharing how I made a super easy string light wreath. It's so easy, you can seriously get it done in less than ten minutes. I used only 4 items for this project - one embroidery hoop, white acrylic paint, a… Continue reading 10-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath